Settling in at Nursery

We hope you and your child will enjoy being part of Poppies. If you have any questions please let us know. For many children, starting a nursery is their first step towards independence and there are important lessons to be learned:

  • That it is possible to feel safe and happy while family/carers are not present for a while.
  • That other adults can be a source of help, authority and friendship.
  • That new play and learning experiences can be enjoyed in our group and shared with parents afterwards.

Please help your child learn these positive steps by working with us to make the settling in period as easy as possible. Here are 10 tips to help you:

  1. A visit before you start attending will make the place and people feel familiar.
  2. Avoid starting at a time when there has been a disruption of routine at home. A new baby, a spell in hospital or even a long holiday can require a settling down period before the child tackles anything else new.
  3. Children are ready to part from their parents at different ages. If your child is going through a very 'clingy' patch, it might be better to delay admission for a while unless a parent or trusted friend can stay in the group with the child.
  4. Before starting, talk to your child cheerfully and positively about the good things that will happen there.
  5. Be prepared to stay with your child for a short period in our outside settling in area where your keyworker will help to settle your child before you leave. All children are different and this might take anything from a few minutes to a few weeks.
  6. It is easier for a child to accept a parent's departure if there us a clear explanation of what is going to happen. "I am going to the shops and I'll be back after story time" can help a child envisage where you will be and understand the time scale involved. We have a photographic time line to support this.
  7. For children who find parting hard, it might help to have a very brief separation at first. Separation time can then be extended gradually. During this period it is important to be punctual. If a parent is not there at the time he or she is promised, the child's newly built confidence can be upset.
  8. Don't worry, Children develop very quickly at this age, and a child who seems unable to manage alone for even a second can have a very different attitude in a week or two. Be calm and practical, reassuring your child.