Forest School

‘The Spinney’ 'The Wild Wood' and The Nook’

We have always embraced the ‘forest school’ ethos and ‘biophilia’ within our practice and are pleased to offer nature activities.

The benefits of outdoors are well documented; infection rates are reduced by spending time outdoors, fitness is improved, well-being enhanced and happiness increased! Research has shown that serotonin levels go up when children are outdoors and in mud! Similarly, the stress hormone cortisol is reduced and concentration is improved from exposure to trees and nature. Being outside promotes memory and learning! Exposure to nature can also reduce aggressive behaviour in all children and develop their self-worth.

Our research has been extensive and we provide structured group sessions introducing children to nature and learning skills to support their development. The Spinney, The Wild Wood including outdoor classroom & The Nook are well-equipped and provides great opportunity for learning, exploration, & physical development. A full risk assessment has been carried out on the environment and activities as we have designed the area to help children learn how to take risk and protect themselves, gaining independence and building self-esteem. Activities include bug hunts, planting & growing, digging, building with natural materials, artwork, woodwork with saws, hammers, knives, nails, experiments using the weather conditions, balancing and climbing etc. Teamwork features very strongly throughout all activities as such understanding is invaluable for children to embrace.

The Spinney also supports our new PANCO Policy which promotes an active lifestyle and healthy eating.