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Welcome to our groups!

We provide a happy, stimulating, high quality secure setting, rated 'Outstanding' in every area by Ofsted, for all children aged 2 years to 5 years where they may flourish to their full potential. Our groups work within a framework which ensures equal opportunities for all children and families. We enhance the development and education of children by involving parents in Poppies 'life', building on what each child already knows/is able to do. Friendship is the key to a successful partnership and this is encouraged between staff, children and their families. For many children nursery will be their first step towards independence and we ensure each child feels safe and happy - both of which are vital foundations from which a child may become confident, explore and develop. In turn, children discover that other adults can be a source of friendship and knowledge and that group experiences can be enjoyed and then shared with parents afterwards. Our extended friendship to families ensures valuable communication, enabling each child's 'all round' development, while promoting equality and valuing diversity.

Contact Details for our Nurseries

SESSION TIMES flexible - Monday to Friday - Holidays matched with local schools

Breakfast Club

8.00am - 9.00am

Poppyfields only. SMASH Club at Poppies Site for children over 3 years.


9.00am - 11.30am

Lunch Club

11.30am - 12.30pm


12.30pm - 3.00pm

After School Club

3.00pm - 6.00pm

Poppyfields only. SMASH Club at Poppies Site for children over 3 years.

Poppies Nursery is registered for a maximum of 64 children.

Poppyfields is registered for a maximum of 48 children.

Ratios of 1 staff: 4 children under 3 years old and 1:8 for children over 3 years old are always maintained - with a minimum of half the staff on duty qualified.

These ratios enable us to provide optimum care and attention by:

  • Giving time and attention to each child
  • Talking with the children about their interests and activities
  • Helping children to experience and benefit from our activities
  • Allowing children to explore and be adventurous in safety.

Daily Structure

Our daily structure provides fun activities designed to stimulate all areas of your child's development. We value child initiated play and fully support and extend these opportunities daily. We also follow a broad topic each half term linked to childrens’ current interests with activities associated with this theme; inspired by the children and from staff observations. This combination provides each child opportunity to develop self esteem, consolidate knowledge and participate at their own level i.e. age and developmentally appropriate. In addition, a home link book is provided to each family which contains 'Ideas for Home' and learning principles to provide opportunity for families to build on the learning which is being experienced in nursery. The children will bring home an art folder at the end of each half term containing their accomplishments. We also encourage children to bring in items of interest to assist development while incorporating and laying down a firm base for the Early Years Foundation Stage (DfE, 2014).

Play helps young children learn and develop through 'doing' and 'talking', which research has shown to be the means by which young children 'think'. Poppies uses principles within the 'Early Years Foundation Stage' to plan and provide a range of play activities, which help children progress in a secure and happy environment. Children may initiate ideas and adults will help, support and encourage the child to participate and explore, scaffolding and praising each child.

We encourage parents to share comments and any information conducive to the well being of their child, as we may then assist the child's security, self-value and confidence, all of which enable a child to access the activities on offer.

Staff praise and share children's accomplishments within the group and with parents and children's developmental records are available at any time for parent's perusal and contribution.

We hope you and your child enjoy your time with us. Please see staff if you have any comments, questions or suggestions we may incorporate into 'Poppies Life'.

See you soon!