Breakfast / 'Wrap Around' / 'Schools Out' / Holiday Session

Welcome to our Afterschool club at Poppies and Poppyfields!

We provide flexible full day care to meet families' needs, available to all children aged 2to 5 years at Poppies and 2 to 7 years at Poppyfields. We value partnership with families and will work closely with you and your child to ensure they are happy and well cared for.

Session Times

These will be available term time and during school holidays where feasible.

Breakfast Club

Poppies 7.45-9am Poppyfields 8.00-9.00am

Morning Session

Poppies and Poppyfields 9.00-11.30am

Lunch Club

Poppies and Poppyfields 11.30am-12.30pm (collect from school at appropriate time)

Afternoon Session

Poppies and Poppyfields 12.30-3.00pm

'School's Out' After School Club

Poppies and Poppyfields 3.00-6.00pm (collect from school at appropriate time)

  • We work in close partnership with St Marys Academy and Fairfield Park Lower School throughout the term/ and holidays. We also work with Stotfold and District Children's Centre at St Marys Academy to ensure maximum opportunities are made available to all children and their families.
  • All times can be flexible to meet families' needs. Sessions must be pre-booked.

If an emergency arises during the day and you would like us to look after your child please phone, email or DoJo the group and we will endeavour to assist you if we have an available space.

Staffing and Ratios

All staff undergo rigorous recruitment and vetting procedures, with DBS checks in place prior to starting and repeated regularly to monitor suitability. Ofsted ratios are upheld, ensuring minimum of one staff member to every 4 children under 3, and 1 staff member to every 8 children over 3 years old. The supervisor and deputy will be fully qualified and a minimum of half the staff on duty will hold a suitable childcare qualification. Staff hold current first aid qualifications.

Group Ethos and Provision

We provide a relaxed, secure environment in which your child can freely choose how they spend their time. During 9.00am-3.00pm the EYFS curriculum is offered to all children, this is planned in partnership with St Marys Academy and Fairfield Park Lower School to ensure each child's education is optimum. During out of school sessions there will be many other activities, age appropriate, including free play and planned activities e.g. making craft, cooking, models etc. Children will be able to choose how they spend their time and if they would like quiet time to do homework/spellings etc staff will be pleased to support this. Activities will include:



Nature Trails


Sand/ Water







Board Games

Mini World


Playstation/ Wii





Arts/ Crafts



Home Corner


Trim Trail

Table Tennis





We will also hold themed days where children can come for a special session, such as Chinese New Year Celebration, Ocean Day, Circus Day.

We encourage families to share comments and any information conducive to the well being of their child, as we may then support the child's security, self-value and confidence, all of which enable the child to enjoy and access the environment on offer. Staff praise and share children's accomplishments within the group and with families, boosting self-esteem, independence and confidence; we support sharing any concerns and work together to overcome these in a confidential manner to ensure the child's and family needs are met.

We very much hope that you and your child will enjoy being part of The Poppies or Poppyfields Family. Please see staff if you have any comments, questions or ideas we may incorporate into Poppies life!