Keyperson & Staff Deployment

Keyperson & Staff Deployment

During your child's time with us examples of their activities, observations and records of development will be kept. We operate a keyperson scheme which ensures progression in all areas of development as we understand and accommodate each child's individual requirements. Observations and monitoring are ongoing; termly updates, a Progress Check at age two, ending with a profile in the final term in which the child reaches age five. Your Keyperson is always available to share achievements/records and we invite parents to share record keeping, becoming directly involved in their child's progress. This is achieved through chats/parents consultations and our Dojo app which details a daily photo and brief description of each individual child's play and their accomplishments. we also have a rewards system on the app where they can collect stickers for their achievements. A weekly story detailing the activities experienced by the children i also posted. This Dojo is a two-way tool, so please contribute whenever you like! Please ensure you sign up to the link when invited. Notification of your keyperson is emailed or sent via Dojo. We also display keyperson qualifications and sessions they attend. You are invited to speak to your child's keyperson at any time to share information conducive to the well being of your child. When your child leaves Poppies they will be presented with a 'Memories Book' known as the Learning Journey, containing photo’s, observations, assessments and samples of activities throughout their time with us.

Whilst your keyperson develops a close partnership with you and your child, all our staff will work with all children. We have white boards inside & out which identify staff deployment. We also ensure we have ‘floating staff’ who are able to move freely around the nursery to support children where required. This ensures every area of the nursery is monitored at all times; if staff need to leave their area they inform the floating staff member who will then cover that area to maintain optimum supervision. Every staff member will record observations on the children in that area. As children are encouraged to move freely around nursery exploring areas of interest, our system ensure that no achievements or observations are missed. The keyperson will collect all observations on their key children for incorporation in their Learning Journey which is available for you to share at any time.

The Role of your Keyperson

This is a requirement of the Early Years Foundation Stage (DfE, 2014) incorporating the Attachment theory of John Bowlby. This identified that securely attached children learn to be independent from a caring base & secure relationships with caregivers. This enhances their development as they feel safe to explore & learn. The keyperson relationship combines recommendations within Unique Child (EYFS, 2014) & ensures care & individual learning opportunities are provided for children whilst helping parents develop confidence about our quality & commitment. We provide a keyperson for each child who has the following responsibilities:-

  • To promote warm attachments between themselves & your child.
  • To support & observe your child’s individual needs & development, inspiring motivation, engagement & thinking critically to become effective learners.
  • To act as key point of contact.
  • To help your child become familiar with nursery, feel confident & safe within it, & flourish to reach their full potential.
  • To develop positive relationships between your child and you, sharing ideas, observations, assessments & information to support your child.
  • To meet the individual needs of your child responding sensitively to their feelings, ideas & behaviour.
  • To ensure your child is being cared for appropriately to family customs & traditions.

Each keyperson is trained to understand the significance of their role & the procedures we have in place for supporting & recording each child’s learning journey. We appreciate that some staff do not work every session your child is attending; we match children as closely as possible with staff attending their sessions. Please be assured that all staff develop positive relationships & complete observations on all children therefore, in your keyperson’s absence, will ensure your child feels secure, safe and supported in their learning. If you have information to share, any staff member will be pleased to help in the absence of your keyperson.

You will be provided with daily information about your child’s activities and an update of their current achievements will be shared each term. You are invited to share in your child’s Learning Journey as we value your role as your child’s first and most important influence and educator. We hope your partnership with your keyperson is positive and productive! Please feel free to speak to staff with any questions, comments or ideas to support this partnership. We are available daily and communication is key to success!